Win 10 - text size to small

I'm running Opus 11.15 64bit, 27" 4K, and a second monitor 27" standard. I also use Windows 10. My resolution is 4096x2160 which is perfect until you read the text.

My Lister display and icon size is as close to perfect as I want. But the text size is close to unusable. A magnified window would be perfect, if you want the hassle. Is there anything in Opus that can change the text size. Is this even a possibility in the future?


I think you're looking for Preferences > Display > Colors and Fonts

You can change the font type, size and presentation (bold, italic, underlined, etc.).

Preferences > Display > Colors and Fonts<<
I did check this section before I sent this topic. For sure I must have had a brain freeze. too much ice cream . Definitely what I'm looking for. Thanks.