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Win10: setting DO's viewer as the default image viewer


Sorry if this has been answered before – I searched and could not find.

Within Opus I have the internal viewer registered as the default image viewer.
But on Windows 10 I cannot figure out how to register it system-wide: the “set default app” menu does not have a Browse button! The only option seems to be to select from the store. What? I have to go to the store and cannot select from my drive? It’s been a long time since Windows upset me so much.

I see that I can register d8viewer on a file-type by file-type basis and have done so for jpg, gif, png.
But is there a way to set it as the default image viewer, regardless of extension?

Thanks in advance for any tips.


Instead of using the control panel, find a file of the appropriate type, then right-click > Open With > Choose Default Program.

The UI that appears is similar, but has more options, including the ability to browse for an exe.

(Scroll to the bottom, if what you want is not not already in the list, and choose More Apps. Then scroll to the bottom again, if it’s still not in the list, and choose Look for another app on this PC. Then you get a file browser. At least, that is how it works in Windows 10 on 14 Dec 2016. MS keep changing this UI so it may be different tomorrow. :slight_smile: After choosing the program for one file type, it should then be in the list for others, and for me at least it appears in the control panel as well.)


Leo I’ve wondered on this too. If browsing what do we point the system at, the main DO exe?


No, use d8viewer.exe instead.


Thanks Leo!


That wasn’t Leo :slight_smile:


Leo’s answer would have been more informative than mine :slight_smile:


Sorry guys, only quickly logged on from work to reply and as it is usually Leo that gets there first I assumed… :slight_smile:


from my original post:

So what you suggest is something I'd already done.
My problem is how to set it as the default image viewer, regardless of extension. d8viewer is just not showing globally when accessing 'set default programs' for pictures.

I'm sure there's a registry entry somewhere.


It’s set as the default image viewer here (whatever that actually does/means; what happens if a new image format comes out that the chosen viewer can’t handle?) but I don’t know what I did to make that happen.

As far as I know, I just set it as the default for the various image types I wanted, but maybe I am forgetting something.

It’s also possible I did something which the Windows UI no longer allows.


It’s mind-boggling that W10 offers to browse the app store but not your hard drive to set a default app…

When are you guys coming out with Opus OS? I’m ready to switch over. :slight_smile:


Thank you was also looking for this.


Whether to use the DO viewer system wide, would make a good question at installation time of DO, right where it asks whether to replace explorer, handle zips etc.?! A quick button somewhere in the prefs to set the viewer as default would also be nice. I always struggle to remember how to set this up correctly. o)


Then we'd have endless complaints from people who just clicked through without reading the question, demanding to know where their preferred viewer had disappeared to :slight_smile:


Solution: Offer this as an "opt in" option! o)