Win7 features

Why opus 9.5 don't support new features in taskbar like: progress bar on icon and jumplist ?

Something like this:

56 2490 0005 0000 4500 3850 7691

upss my firefox insert another parse url

this is good url:

Because features don't write themselves. Patience. :slight_smile: GPSoft only just finished and released 9.5, giving people a free update that works well under Windows 7. If they'd waited until every single Windows 7-related idea was implemented then people would be complaining that the basics still didn't work.

Great. i want that information... :slight_smile:


I believe the plan was to release 9.5 asap to ensure compatibility with Windows 7. Then later (I think next year) we will get a new (paid) update which will hopefully support some of the new Windows 7 features.

Personally I'm still hoping for built in support for the vista/win 7 indexed search engine and better integration with Library folders. Progress bar in the win 7 toolbar is nice as well.