Win8 Pro slow copy in both Opus and Explorer

Folks, Strange... Running the official Win8 Pro retail from Technet. I just did a TON of copying from drive to drive last night with no issues whatsoever. Today, a simple copy or move file can go from its usual 60MB/s down to 14KB/s or just stall out for a while. About one out of every 3 files slows down dramatically. Other copies fly. I have tried different types of files to different drives, checked to make sure they are not considered removable drives, and all drives are on SATA ports. I did remove one drive from a SATA port that I was backing up to last night but DOpus does not seem to notice.
As a precaution, I uninstalled DOpus 10.1, cleaned the registry and reloaded the program. Same issue.
As I have 4 drives installed (one SSD and 3 hard drives), I will try some test copies from different drives...

I REALLY would like an edit key on this site for my posts! The ABORT button also takes forever to respond to as well as opening a new lister while the copy or move window is semifrozen. The copy will EVENTUALLY finish but it takes L O N G time.

Deleting a file can freeze up too.

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Do you get similar copy speeds with other programs on the same machine, copying the same files between the same folders?

Is the machine doing anything in the background?

Dang, its doing it under file explorer in Win8 too. Not a DOpus problem. Crap, I will probably have to reload Win8 Pro retail AGAIN, my third time!