Winamp INSIDE Opus

First thanks for the FAQ. i imagine the work it represents.
I've seen the thread about the Winamp plug in, it's interesting, though that
winamp already owns hotkeys that allow many things.

I just wondered : could it be possible to have winamp INSIDE opus ?

I mean it's easy to reproduce the media library of Winamp in opus , specially with the 8.2 version and the tags gestion. the problem if for the playlist. doest it exist any plug-in to make a playlist in opus ? or any way to reach that result with the tools already in opus ?

For playlist functionality you might try file collections.

Hello Steje. What do you mean file collection ? how make a playlist with file collection ? and how to play it ?

Do you mean you want to create a .m3u playlist file out of the selected music files? If so I think I've got a button at home that I can post later on.

If you want Opus to replace the Winamp Playlist window, like to indicate the currently playing song and be able to jump to a track in the playlist, then I don't think that is possible.

it's the second case of course Nudel. I understand Steje idea about collection and playlist . it must be moreless possible. but doesnt give the
possibility to play consecutively the tracks in the collection dir as Nudel said.