Window Managers + dOpus -> AWM Actual Window Manager vs DisplayFusion + others?

EDIT: Researching Window Managers similar to AWM Actual Window Manager,
it seems that DisplayFusion & possibly others perform similar functions to AWM -
specifying window placement, size, etc upon opening, closing, etc.

Since AWM is so often the culprit when (my) fine-tuned machine starts glitching,
I'm asking for others' experiences & feedback on apps like DisplayFusion, etc.

Searching here for DisplayFusion lists posts where it, too, has caused problems
similar to AWM - any app setting deep system .dll hooks is going to do that -
but there are tweaks and workarounds.

Kindly share any helpful info here - Thanks very much!

As per the title - do you have success marrying AWM Actual Window Manager w/ dOpus?

If so, you MUST have had to twerk it along the way - -
would you kindly share what makes it work for you?

I'm experiencing multiple days of lo$t production - most likely due to AWM's deep system hooks -

you know - the hooks that hook each of us
who grow dependent on having app windows open to that exact spot
on that exact monitor
@ that exact size ....
then reverse it all and do it again?

I did Search before starting this post,
and found at least a half dozen others who basically stated
how much their daily computing experience was a joy

due to AWM :revolving_hearts: dOpus