Window size changes on startup

I just purchased a Dell Inspiron model 15R-5520 64 bit laptop. I moved Dopus over from my old Dell Inspiron E1505 32 bit laptop. Now whenever I start Dopus, the windows is slightly larger than the screen. Maximize works correctly, but I do not use it. Also, I used the 32 bit version of Dopus on the old laptop and I'm now using the 64 bit version on the new laptop. My Dopus version is Hope someone can help.

Did you try to set the size, & then save it as the default lister or as the lister which is set to start on your system?
(That´s in -> settings -> preferences -> Opus start -> autostart)

Thanks. That worked. Guess Dopus was just sizing itself for the screen of old computer since I had restored from a backup created on the old computer! Why didn't I think of that?