Windows 10 Explorer replacement

Hello all!

I seem to be having a strange problem with Dopus 12.3. I set the program to replace my windows explorer and everything seemed to work fine, but after a few days the setting turned itself off and was suddenly unavailable in the preferences menu. I've tried reinstalling, updating, and those sorts of standard fixes but still the program is missing some preferences menus. I'll attach a photo to support my claim and any help would be greatly appreciated.


You probably have Directory Opus Light, which does not include Windows Explorer Replacement mode. When you installed Directory Opus, a 30 day trial that included the Pro features was turned on for you. There is a 60 day free evaluation available if you still want to try using the Pro features more. Here are some useful links:

[li]What are the differences between Light and Pro?[/li]
[li]Free 60 Day Evaluation[/li]
[li]Upgrade to Directory Opus Pro 12 - This is nice for you because it will only cost the difference between Light and Pro versions...a big savings![/li][/ul]