Windows 10 folder button in taskbar and start menu

I got Opus 12 light in the humble bundle and am currently in the process of evaluating the pro version to see if I can config it to be comfortable enough for me to actually get for daily use. The main issue I'm facing right now is that Opus doesn't catch the file manager open from the "folder" button as described in the video attached. This also applies to the same button if it's put on the taskbar, but it works on the desktop. Opus catches windows+e properly. All buttons aside from the "folder" button work through opus in the start menu (documents, downloads, music, images, video) but for some reason the button I use the most doesn't work. Any assistance? Using latest version of Windows 10 Home 64-bit (build 14393) on Japanese unicode setting. (2.23 MB)

We intentionally do not intercept that button, since it explicitly launches File Explorer, which people may still want/need to do sometimes.

We could probably add an option to intercept it. I think this is the first time it has been requested.

We used to intercept that button when Windows 10 was very new, but it was by accident of how the button works (it isn't actually running Explorer behind the scenes, it's launching a folder, since Microsoft assume File Explorer will always be the default file manager). We were asked to make a change so that Opus did not intercept it, which made sense to us since the icon says 'File Explorer' and if you click it we figure that's what you want, but we could make it work both ways.

An option to intercept it would certainly be nice. Perhaps in the "miscellaneous\windows integration" settings? So far I personally am not seeing any reason not to consistently use opus over the normal explorer now that I've configured the look and feel of it. If I had that option in the settings, I could always go to the settings and turn it off if I really wanted to use explorer instead. This issue is currently the only one that I'm currently experiencing a bit jarring since I already have that spot in my muscle memory. I often have explorer open before I even know it.