Windows 10, FTP stops working. Updates not checking

I'm not very technical, but perhaps others are having the same problems.
I'm on Version 11.15
I've upgraded to Windows 10 pro.
After using my computer for a few hours on various tasks, I find FTP does not connect and if I try to check for updates it just waits forever.
If I do a shutdown / power off and reboot, all works fine.

Is this affecting Internet connectivity in other software, or only Opus?

It sounds like a network, driver or firewall/antivirus issue if rebooting fixes things.

I don't know if this is connected, but I was unable to log back in during the reboot of the install. I went back to an image the night before and that worked 11.15.2 beta

After upgrading to Windows 10 Pro and DOpus 11.18, DO/FTP no longer works (using FTP settings I have used within DO/FTP for years).
Same settings work just fine with FileZilla FTP Client so problem is with DO as far as I can tell.
Any suggestions to fix this would be welcome as I'd rather do FTP withing DO as always.
Thank you

What does the FTP log say? (#4 here)