Windows 10 Issue/Error: Move or Delete


After upgrading to Windows 10, is anyone else seeing issues when trying to move or delete files/folders?

I'm definitely getting odd errors that I never had on Windows 7. I will post a screenshot next time it happens but I believe the error states that files are in use or locked by another process but I cannot identify anything that is accessing the files (checking with Unlocker).

So far, I've been able to work around the issue by navigating to the directory in question in Explorer and moving or deleting using that. Obviously not an ideal situation. Any insights would be appreciated.

Which file types are involved?

Hey leo,

Seems to happen when I try to move a folder to another location (so no specific file types that I know of). Also sometimes getting “Access is Denied” errors when I try to rename folders.

Which file types are in the folder(s) this happens with?

Have any labels or descriptions applied to the folders themselves?

No labels or descriptions as far as I know. I noticed it when I was cleaning up some folders of tutorial videos so…most likely *.mp4, *.txt, *.jpg

Next time it happens I will note the filetypes and post here again.

So, I'm getting a situation where I have a nested folder (call it second level) that I'm trying to move up a level (i.e. to first level) so I'm dragging and dropping it on the parent directory symbol ".." but it's triggering a UAC alert that I never used to see on Windows 7. It's asking if I, "…want to allow this app to make changes to your PC?"

Apparently I can't take a screenshot of it (doesn't work with the UAC alert displayed) but the Program name listed is "Directory Opus (UAC Elevator)" in case that helps.

If I click on "Yes", I get the following error.

The folder I'm trying to move up contains other folders and those folders contain files of type *.mp4, *.pdf, *.jpg, *.png

I WAS able to go into the second level folder and move ALL of the third level folders up to the second level. Then I was able to move ALL of the second level folders (including the original second level folder which is now empty) up to the first level.

Following this, I then moved all of what were the third level folders into what was the original second level folder. So now—if you can follow my madness—on the first level, I have the original first level folder (which is empty) and I have the original second level folder. Inside the original second level folder, I have all of the original third level folders. But, if I try to move the original second level folder inside the original first level folder (just as an experiment), I get the UAC warning again and the same error if I click "Yes".

I apologize for how convoluted this is but this behavior makes no sense at all to me. Hope it suggests something to you!

It sounds like a permissions problem somewhere, either on the "original second level folder" or the "original first level folder".

See if you can move the original second level folder into a newly created folder. If that fails, check the permissions on the original second level folder.
If that succeeds, check the permissions on the original first level folder.

The original folder tree I was having this issue with is mysteriously no longer exhibiting the problem. I don't know why, I haven't done anything to that tree, it's just been sitting there while I waited for feedback.

However, a test folder tree which I created earlier which WASN'T exhibiting the problem now IS having the problem. So, something happened over time which I am unaware of that's causing this behavior to happen/not happen? That sounds unlikely, but that's what I'm seeing.

Folder structure is like this:



Charlie 1
Charlie 2
Charlie 3

I am once again unable to move Bravo into Alpha but I can move the Charlies into Bravo.

I'm no expert on Permissions but, as far as I can tell, they are the same on both Bravo and the Charlies. I am logged in as an Admin and Admins have all permissions checked except "Special permissions".

What could I be missing here? To check the permissions, I'm bringing up the folder's properties panel and clicking the Security tab. Is there something else I should be checking?

Maybe I'm confused, but looking at the structure shown - Bravo is already in Alpha.

Sorry, I meant that I was trying to move Bravo into the root alongside Alpha (with the goal being to delete Alpha).

To be clear, I can move the Charlies into the root but, for some reason, Bravo is blocked from moving, being deleted, or renamed.

Is anything in that folder?

Will the files have been opened by any software? e.g. Antivirus scans, search indexing, thumbnail generation, details extraction for columns, video playback/previews, synching to cloud storage...

I am a long time Dopus user (currently on ver 11.17x86) and have upgraded through W7 to currently W10 Pro. Recently I have been receiving the "Access is Denied" message. Typically:...I may copy or move 150 photo files (.NEF or .JPG) across folders or drives. Perhaps 20 files will copy/move immediately and then I will get the "Access is Denied" message. So I will Skip that file ....a further 12 files may copy/move then I will get the "Access is Denied" message. So I will Skip that file also...and so on with an increasing number "Access Denied" messages ie less files copied before it stalls. The files are always approximately the same size as shot. However in the end...the Skipped files actually do copy/move. The 'From' folder will be empty at the end and all file numbers accounted for in the "to" folder.

I used the photo files as an example but it happens with any multiple file transfers.

The annoyance is that I must monitor the transfer until the volume is all copied /moved - I cannot instruct the process and leave. (yes, well I can nominate unattended operation but this is usually a single operation) In my opinion, this is not a Windows 10 issue per se as Dopus has operated perfectly up until about 6 months ago on W10 so in my opinion it is either a Dopus update or a Windows 10 update. I cannot see any permission conflicts and the problem occurs when no other applications are open. Any ideas?

Does clicking Retry work?

Is the problem with reading files (the source side) or writing them (the destination side)?

Does it really happen with both copy and move, or only with move?

Something is probably locking the files, most likely an antivirus canner, a search indexer, an image viewer, or something involved in extracting thumbnails, icons or metadata from the images (e.g. shell extensions).

There's no known general issue with Windows 10 and copying/moving images, or we'd have hundreds of complaints by now (and be seeing it ourselves).