Windows 10 multidesktop and Directory Opus


I'd like to force a dopus folder in another desktop, and when restarting it, automatically start there instead of everything being in first desktop. Is that possible?

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Setting Preferences / Miscellaneous / Advanced [Behavior]: virtual_desktop_isolation = False will get you a bit closer to that goal, if your aim is to keep Opus on a single virtual desktop.

It's described in detail here:!Documents/Prefs/Advanced.htm

(You'd also want to e.g. change the Explorer Replacement settings to open a new tab in an existing
window rather than open a new window.)

I don't think that will change what happens when the very first window opens, however. You'd still need to launch Opus on the desktop you want it to be on, or use a launcher/wrapper that lets you specify which desktop programs open on when running them.

Being able to store virtual desktop information within layouts is on our to-do list and would probably remove the need for that.


Well my goal is more like, keep an opened folder in its original desktop, so being able to have DOpus in multiple desktops when opening it, not keeping the program forced in the desktop I'm opening it in.
I'll wait for the added function, I think this answers it exactly.

If the aim is just to avoid opening a second window on the current desktop for a folder which is already open on another desktop, changing the existing option that I mentioned should give you that now.

No,sorry I think I'm badly explaining.
Let's say I restart my computer with a lister in desktop 1 and a second one is desktop 2 : My goal is to reopen each lister in the desktop they were in before being closed when relaunching Dopus with "reopen last listers" option set up.


I too would appreciate this feature. Chrome supports this, and it is so much easier. I use different virtual desktops as a layout for individual clients. Currently, after reset or updates, it will only reopen all the listers in ONE desktop. And I have to spend the next five minutes figuring out all the listers and moving them to the appropriate virtual desktops. :frowning:

I would strongly vote for this improvment as well.
Virtual desktops are now more common in windows, but need to be supported by basic software like opus :wink:

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Basic software? :slight_smile:

The feature is planned, in any case.

That this is planned feature is great news!

I think "jenoe" means "essential" when he says, "basic." Just translating for someone who is probably not a native English speaker.

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