Windows 10 Taskbar -how to remove list of folder links from Dopus icon

When I right-click on the Dopus icon on the Windows 10 taskbar, the popup menu displays a list of shortcuts to various folders I have previously browsed in Dopus. The shortcuts are listed under the heading "Tasks". I don't want to see any shortcuts listed but I cannot find any way to do this in Dopus preferences. I tried settings that have words like "History" and "Recent" in them, but nothing seems to work. Restarting the computer doesn't work either.
The drastic step of enabling Windows local group policies: "Do not keep history of recently opened documents" and "Remove Recent Items menu from Start Menu" disabled recent items for every app on the taskbar, except for Dopus!

I would like to keep recent history for every app except Dopus. Does anyone know how to achieve this? Thanks.

Try Prefs > Favorites and recent > Jumplist

I don't know what jump lists are, but I just tried your suggestion and I saw there is a "Recent Folders" tick-box. I unticked it and hit the Apply button. Hey presto, problem solved.

Thank you very much for resolving this for me.

Jump List is Microsoft's name for those taskbar button right-click menus.