Windows 11 Compatibility


Now that Windows 11 is RTM, do we have a list of incompatibilities of/with the current Opus release?
I see quite a few posts in the forum along the lines of "we won't guarantee Win11 support until RTM", and I note that the Opus front page specifically doesn't state support for Windows 11.

What is the situation please? If I update my system to Win11, what DOpus functionality am I likely to lose?


Windows 11 is supported now that it is out of beta.

There's a Windows-11 tag on the forum which finds any related issues, and the release notes for 12.26 mention the fixes for them.

The only known issue is some people aren't seeing the full OneDrive context menus (but most people are OK; it may depend on OneDrive type).

Other than that, I think any other issues have been resolved in 12.26 (e.g. Desktop double-click opening on a single click due to Microsoft's bug which we worked around).