Windows 11 Default Folder Icon

I know Windows 11 is notoriously difficult to customise., but is there any way change the default folder icon? Productivity is key for me, and I have a thousands of folders at this point with hundreds of thousands of pictures. On Windows 10, I'm able to quickly identify a folder by the image(s) saved in the folder:

On Windows 11 however, the folders are rotated 90 degress left so the image saved in the folder is cropped and you can't readily identify what's in the folder. Please someone tell me there's a way to edit this default folder icon as this is the only thing stopping me from using Windows 11 long term.

Under Preferences / File Display Modes / Thumbnails, click on Adjust folder thumbnail settings and then turn off the first checkbox (Folder thumbnails via the shell...).

Opus will then generate the thumbnails itself, in a much better way than Windows 11's insanity!

I'm holding myself back from cussing! This is a major game changer!!!! Now if I can just figure out a way to get the taskbar to stop combining the buttons that would be great, but this is a fantastic start! Thank you so much Leo!

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Windows 11 is such a mess. Didn't even know about the folder icons. I've seen dozens of its design flaws already and there's always something new to discover.

It's coming in 23H2 and is now in the Dev channel. I personally am not a fan of Microsoft's upcoming implementation and use StartAllBack. It's a great piece of software that does way more than just uncombine taskbar buttons. It turns Windows 11 into Windows 7++ essentially.

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It really frustrates me that a web search does not return StartAllBack as a result. Nevertheless I'm glad you mentioned it as I started using it the other day and it basically feels like I'm using Windows 10 again

The developer is very active here: StartIsBack+ - MSFN if you have questions or need support. He also posts more detailed release notes than he does on his website.