Windows 11 delete to recycle bin, non-responsive

If I delete as few as 3 files in DO, meager some MB, I get a last minutes modal dialog "Calculating..". Sometimes DO goes non responding. And, no, I am no newbie to CPUs - senior IT consultant since the -90's. Blender has this bug if a memory stick mounted.
I love DO but this drives me nuts

Deletion to the Recycle Bin is handled by Windows itself, not Opus. You'll probably see the same thing in File Explorer as well as Opus and Blender, and (if the UI is going non-responsive, not just taking a while on that step) it indicates something is wrong at a lower level than any particular program.

It's possible the recycle bin is corrupted, or something like antivirus is causing problems, or something is wrong with the OS install itself.

(FWIW, I'm not sure what Windows is doing during that "calculating" step, and I've long wondered why it takes so long at times. It's not something Opus is involved in at all.)

Define non responding. I see what I think may be the same thing on Windows 10, but it always completes after some delay.

Well, I don't see it in my Win11 Explorer. Deleting identical files there executes immediately. It is a DO "feature"

It can’t be “an Opus feature” if you see the same thing happen in Blender. It’s something wrong with Windows (or antivirus/privacy tools if those are getting involved) on your system.

All Opus does with the recycle bin is pass Windows a list of files. The rest is performed by the OS. Opus doesn’t even display the progress dialog for recycle bin deletes; it’s all done by the OS as that’s all the recycle bin API really allows. Same will likely be true of Blender.

If that operation is freezing in two different programs then the problem is outside of those programs.

Blender was an example of how developers not doing what we did in the early days, know your client. I beg to differ, "Can't be". During my junior years (100 years ago) as IT neard I learned that extreme programming was the name of the game. Years later, head of 92 developers, endless listen to "nothing wrong in my piece of code". My experience, the more developers you assign, the more headache you get.
This DO [to say the least] not snappy traveling back the tree, guess that's MS fault also?
I get it, nothing wrong with DO, it is perfect. It's me, customer, always complaining.
Well, there are other trees in the wood

I have grown to like DO my default but, [you make me] time to search greener pastures

None of that changes the fact that Windows is what handles recycle bin deletes, and we just send Windows a list of what to send to the recycle bin.

Nor does it change the fact you're seeing a similar problem in another program on your system when it deletes to the recycle bin.

Throw around random phrases like "extreme programming" and blame and accuse us all you want, but it doesn't change reality. The issue is outside of both Opus and Blender, and you're blaming the wrong people and asking for solutions from developers who aren't the ones causing the problem and have no power to fix it.

We can bypass the recycle bin entirely, and you have the option to do that in Opus for some or all deletes. But we can't fix problems that Windows (or some other component that's getting involved, like antivirus) is having when asked to send things to the recycle bin.

People delete files all the time. The fact our forum isn't full reports about this issue, and that it's happening with two unrelated pieces of software on your machine, should tell you the issue is unlikely to be caused by either piece of software and that something's wrong on the machine (maybe a corrupt recycle bin, which can happen in Windows). Opus and Blender do not share any code.

If you google for recycle bin stuck calculating you'll find a multitude of articles and videos about the issue, none of which involve Opus in any way, but many of which suggest solutions which may help you, if you want to look for an actual solution rather than post here and blame us just because we actually reply to our users and try to help when we can.


Then good luck!

I don't have any similar issues in any other software. Windows included.
I do not blame or accuse anyone, just reporting a bug. I take offence the way you me a customer respond