Windows 11 & dual monitors

I have two monitors (both 1920 x 1080), recently updated from Windows 10 to Windows 11, and am now noticing something odd in Directory Opus.

If I have an Opus instance maximized on my secondary display, the lister tabs and information panel at the bottom are cut off, as is the bottom of the scroll bar in the left pane. I do not see an issue like this when Opus is maximized on the primary display.

There seems to be something peculiar/buggy about how Windows 11 displays the taskbar on multiple monitors with maximized applications.

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Is this affecting other software as well?

Are both monitors set to the same scaling factor? (And have you rebooted since changing it, if it has changed?)

Do you have Opus (or anything else) set to create any docked toolbars? Those can confuse Windows and how it arranges maximized windows and the taskbar if everything isn't running at the same scaling factor (DPI).

It's a Windows 11 explorer taskbar bug. Affects all software.

Restarting explorer is the only fix at the moment.

I made a button that points to this software Restart Explorer v1.6 that I can press to restart explorer.

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