Windows 11 Icon Set

Here are 2 Windows 11 icon sets i created for use with light and dark themes.

There are 379 icons, 2 sizes of each: 22x22, 32x32.

Light Theme icon set:

Download: Windows 11 Light Theme iconset (32px & 22px).dis (303.6 KB)

Dark Theme icon set:

Download: Windows 11 Dark Theme iconset (32px & 22px).dis (291.4 KB)


Thanks. It look really nice.

This win11 icon is awesome, can you provide a 16px icon set, or I'll use your icon set as a benchmark and map the 16px icon set by scaling dpi, how should I write iconset.xml can be implemented.

For anyone using Dopus 13, I converted this iconset into new format that combines dark and light mode.

Download: Windows 11 Theme iconset (32px & 22px).dis (459.5 KB)


Oh this is great! Thank you!

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