Windows 11 problem with right-click menus (not just in Opus)

I have a new desktop PC, which unfortunately has Windows 11.

  • I use Alt+Right-click on an item in a lister to enter Customise.

  • Now when I right-click on a button, I do not get a menu, but instead get two oppositely directed arrows:
    Left- or right-clicking on the arrows just makes them darker or lighter, but otherwise does nothing.

  • Similar things are happening in Programs and Features (from the Windows Control Panel), and also in GoodSync, where the menus along the top do not work with left-clicks.

  • The same mouses work perfectly well on my Windows 10 notebook.

So it seems to be a Windows 11 bug. The Windows Forum has a lot of inconclusive discussion of similar things.

  • Any suggestions as to the cause?
  • Any suggestions about how to get around it?

Something seems to be confusing the operating system's menu layout code.

Look for any tools you have installed which modify how other software looks, which fonts are used in other software, or adds extra items to titlebars or similar.

Leo, how on Earth did you know that?

  • I removed the Registry key UseOLEDTaskbarTransparency (instructions from Lifewire) that I had added to try to make the taskbar more transparent. That fixed DOpus mouse clicks, but not GoodSync10 or Programs and Features.
  • I then removed the Registry key TaskbarSi (also following Lifewire) that I had added to make the taskbar smaller (and less ugly). That did nothing.
  • I then removed most of my old Windows 10 tweaks from WinAero tweaker. That fixed GS10 and Programs and Features as well.
  • (I had earlier tried to get the 'Classic Taskbar' with Winaero Tweaker, but it mucked things up badly, so I reversed it.)

So tweaking Windows 11 seems to be dangerous territory, with even the acknowledged Windows experts giving advice that breaks things. What a nightmare!!! Presumably each new update breaks something that worked before. My local techie advised me to go to Windows 11 on my new desktop, but I am now rather sad that I did so. In fact, I may well reset my shiny new PC back to Square 0 and install Windows 10.

Thank you very much for your expertise.

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