Windows 11 Taskbar is driving me crazy

I'll try my luck here because we have a lot of Windows experts on the forum. Since switching to Windows 11 the taskbar behavior is driving me crazy (never had this with Windows 10). Sometimes it's almost impossible to get programs in focus by clicking on them in the taskbar. I have to click a program five times so that it finally comes up to the front.

Does anyone see this issue too?

No. I do not have such issues.

Did you upgrade vom Win 10? Seems to cause some problems sometimes.

Try a repair via CMD/Powershell as admin and the commands (the second one when the first process has finished):
Dism /Online /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth
sfc /scannow
(Both commands are running a health check and repair affected windows files - nothing will be reseted or deleted)

Hi, no fresh install.

You have to wonder why Microsoft completely re-wrote the taskbar, removing, breaking and ruining a load of functionality in the process, while adding nothing good in return. It sums up Windows 11 in general.


I miss the days when I found major Windows releases an exciting thing, but these days I'm only too happy that my existing W10 installation works for as long as possible (even though my hardware fully supports W11).

I'm 100% sure the reason for this sentiment is just me getting old though, and it's refreshing to see people so eager to try Windows 11 (and willing to contend with all its issues). :slight_smile:


I don’t think it’s you or getting old; it’s Microsoft having lost their minds in the last 10 years. Windows Phone and tablets completely broke them. And now Windows is reportedly being designed by Mac people who don't actually use or understand Windows, and seems to be written by people more interested in Linux than Windows. Not that I blame them (and the other OS have their good points, but you need to understand something as a whole to change any part of it) so much as the people in charge, who don’t value Windows anymore. The problems start from the very top, and the company seems to see Windows as a burden now (based on things the CEO has said explicitly), or at best a way to sell other products/services, not an opportunity nor a responsibility to provide a decent platform that millions of users and developers depend on.