Windows 11 Toolbar not responding/opening Opus


I am using the latest version of Opus and have attached the build for Windows 11. Opus has been non-responsive when the program is open, and I try to click back on it in the Toolbar. All other programs seem to function just fine and open when I click them in the toolbar. I've tried showing the desktop and clicking on the open Opus icon in the Toolbar, sometimes this works but about 50/50.

Do you mean the Windows Taskbar, or something else?

I'm using the same build as you and have been testing out Opus on my ancient (2012) PC. Very smooth and quick. Only very occasionally a little slow when opening large folders on my external drives, otherwise very smooth.

Have you tried a reinstall? Does seem odd that it fails to run 50% of the time. (Maybe another program is interfering the exe running anti-virus/malware software??)

Yes, sorry. The taskbar for Windows 11. After I minimize Opus and get out of the program while it remains open, I have a hard time getting it to respond/open back up.

I've used Bitdefender Internet Security for a long time. This is a relatively new issue with Opus. I will try reinstalling the program.

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Just a thought, if you double click on the desktop, it should open like mine, if it's enabled in the Preferences

Windows would normally still show the window (sometimes ghosted, with "not responding" added to the title), even if the program had stopped responding.

Is that happening or is the window completely absent (invisible, or off-screen)?

It's simply not responsive. Meaning, when the program is open and minimized, I click on the icon in the taskbar and nothing happens. It doesn't open the program back up but it also doesn't spin or show non-responsive. My computer simply stays on the program that is currently open.

Try turning off transition animations (Preferences / User Interface / Transition Animations). If that fixes things, I would look for display driver updates.

Otherwise, I'd suspect something is hiding the windows or moving them off-screen.