Windows 11 - Use Current Folder's Icon

I've noticed since moving to Windows 11 that the "Use Current Folder's Icon" option appears to only partially work at the moment.

When the option is selected, it does use the current folders icon, however, only in the corner of the preview window when hovering over the icon. The main icon used in the taskbar remains the default Directory Opus icon.

Is there a fix coming or a way to work around and get the current folder icon to show properly, or just a new limitation with Windows 11?



Not a bug, and not really related to Windows 11 either.

This is just how the Windows taskbar works when grouped. The icon for individual windows is not the same as the icon for the application (containing all of its windows) on the taskbar. The "use current folder's icon" option only affects individual windows, and it wouldn't make sense for the entire collection of windows to use the icon for one folder when other windows use other icons; the top-level taskbar button always uses the application icon.

Same with File Explorer and other software, and was the same in Windows 7 through to Windows 10, not just 11.


Ahhh, righto - That makes complete sense.

Prior to Windows 11, I've always had the Taskbar set as "Use small taskbar buttons" and "Combine taskbar buttons - Never". But since Microsoft in their infinite wisdom removed these options, I'd never seen this behavior before.

Thanks for the insight and taking the time to reply :+1:

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Depending on your win11 version you might be able to replace the taskbar with a previous (win 10 like) version with registry tweaks (but its probably too late).
In this case you might look at 3rd party replacement software. I think its called start 10 / start 11. I cant understand what MS did there (missing the context menu for taskbar icons).

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