Windows 11, WinRAR 6.10 b1, DO 12.25, Right Click Functionality Not Working

I'm not seeing a WinRAR right click context menu in DO 12.25 with Windows 11.
The WinRAR right click context menu is present and working well in the stock file explorer.

Any ideas?

Is WinRAR appearing in the top level menu or in the "show more items" part in File Explorer?

Does it appear if you hold Shift when right clicking in Opus?

(Opus can also handle most WinRAR tasks itself FWIW.)

Hi Leo,

I'll attach a screenshot of the behavior in File Explorer.
No, it does not appear with or without the shift key.

WinRAR has a few things I like, and, it's part of my workflow for years.


It looks like WinRAR is installing a shell extension using the new API which only File Explorer in Windows 11 uses, and no longer installing an extension for the old, more established API.

We may add support for this in the future. For now, you could recreate the same menu items in Opus (since WinRAR has a good command line that will let you do all the same things via Opus buttons and menus), or you could find and register the shell extension DLL that WinRAR would still install on Windows 10 and earlier, which will still work in Opus on Win11.

Thanks, I'll try to add the Windows 10 functionality while awaiting DO updates.