Windows 7 + Dopus 9.5 + Audio Files

I have just installed Windows 7 and Directory Opus 9.5 and have problems opening multiple audio files in Windows Media Player. If I select multiple .wma files and select play, only the last file plays (Play list only includes last song). Also there is no longer an option for "Add to Windows Media Player List". Of course these things work using Windows Explorer.

Another thing that also doesn't work is .mp3 and .flac files. I have installed the K-Lite codec pack and Windows Explorer gives me the option to "Add to WMP Playlist", but I don't get the option in Directory Opus.

Any help with these issues would be greatly appreciated.


Same thing here, Gandent. I have Windows 7 and Dopus 9.5 with WMP 12 and I get the same thing. Add to Playlist and Play in WMP are found in Explorer context menu but not in DOpus. I could add them manually to the context menu in DOpus for music files, but it seems that this is just a little bug that needs sorting out. (Or maybe I just need to be sorted out if I'm doing something wrong...)

Still nothing? No response or others facing same thing? Even if it's just to know that others are facing the same dilemma would be nice.... Then I wouldn't feel that I was missing out on some trick that everyone else in the DOpus kingdom knows!!

This will be fixed in the next update.

Thanks, Jon. I was starting to wonder whether I was imagining things... :slight_smile: