Windows 7, laptops, XP and D'opus

Hello Everyone,

Please forgive that I didn't search the forums in a great deal of depth before posing my question. (I've got "mom" fatigue, right now.)

I am currently using D'opus on my desk top computer which has XP.

I just purchased a laptop which has Windows 7. I will go ahead and order a 64 bit version of Opus. (I will order the latest version.)
Are people doing okay with Windows 7 and D'opus? Have people opted to stay with XP? Windows 7 seems a bit odd right now. (One can't, for example, press the F12 key to "save" a document.)
I learned today that one can download
XP for free if one has the professional version of Windows 7 (not many of us have that, though) and run both programs. Otherwise, it is available for 90 dollars.

Anyway, any advice or recommendations regarding XP versus Windows 7 for D'opus? Any special instructions regarding this install? Thank you very much.

PS I have been using D'opus for about a year and a half. It is a "godsend" for my purposes which is organizing my writing files. Directory Opus is extremely helpful not just for power users but for writers who are using their computers for "low tech" purposes (word processing).

  • Single, Dual and Five Install Licence packs include one free personal laptop Licence for the registered owner.
    So, it seems you don't need additional purchase. However, nothing stops you from buying another licence :slight_smile:
    You need Windows 7 Professional or Ultimate to be eligible to downgrade. You cannot run both Windows versions after downgrading.
    DO fully supports Windows 7, no problems here. I'd say, if you already have it, keep it.

Win7 Pro & above include the option of "XP Mode" which is an XP virtual machine that runs inside of Windows 7 and lets you run programs which aren't compatible with Windows 7. Those programs run in a virtual XP computer but it looks (more or less) like they are sharing the same desktop as your other programs and the rest of Windows 7. Not many things need it, though, since compatibility with Vista and Windows 7 is good these days. So I'd recommend just using Windows 7 as-is unless you run into problems with particular software, and if you do run into problems try using XP Mode rather than downgrading the whole OS to XP. Windows 7 is a big improvement on XP in many ways so you don't want to do that. :slight_smile:

If you don't have Win7 Pro there are other virtual machine options including the free VirtualBox, but if you go with them then you have to obtain an XP licence separately. (The "XP Mode" feature in Win7 Pro/Ultimate is both the "free" XP licence and the virtual machine software to run it.)

As Xyzzy says, you probably don't need to buy another Opus licence as you automatically get a laptop licence in addition to the main computer licence.

You're also already entitled to the current latest version of Opus (both 32 and 64 bit) since you bought Opus 9 and, although there have been lots of updates and features added since then, we're still on Opus 9 ( It's only when Opus 10 comes out that there will be a fee to upgrade (and your current version will still work if you choose not to, of course).

Regarding the F12 key, in which programs is that? If you've got a keyboard with an F-lock button it could just be that it's toggled the opposite way to what you're used to, which swaps what the function keys do. Push the F-lock button and it might go back to what you're used to. (You might need to install keyboard drivers if it doesn't work automatically but I suspect the generic Windows drivers will support F-lock these days.)

Hi Xyzzy and Leo,

You both gave me a lot of helpful information. Thank you.

Off topic: I use the F-12 key when I'm in Word to save documents. If I type something in One Note (a very fun program) and then send it to Word. I then press F-12 and it opens up the save box. Windows 7 (or Word in Windows 7) doesn't do this or perhaps I need to fiddle with that.

Back to Opus. I just was creating settings with the toolbars and accidentally unchecked the lister--which then deleted the top bar which had "preferences," "customize" and all the options I need to set up my lister. So I'm stuck and can't make any changes. I did that before about a year ago and probably posted to this forum about how to get it back. I'll look it up now.

Amongst other ways, you can always get to Preferences / Customize by clicking the icon in the top-left corner of a Lister.

Yes, this works and the lister bar is restored. Thank you very much, Jon.