Windows 7 - saving Hotkeys

sorry for new topic - can' find needed...
i can't save hotkeys at all! alt+c (copy path), ctrl+z (copy filename path instead undo), shift+ctrl+c (copy filename)... what's this?

and ctrl+v doesn't works in command editor!!?? but paste in other places

What are you trying to do and where?

i open customize-keys and try to make new key.
function: Clipboard COPYNAMES
hotkey: alt+c
click on 'ok' but the result doesn't save!
and so on... ctrl+z, shift+alt+с ... i can't save anything

Sounds like there is something wrong with the permissions or read-only flags in your Opus config folder that is preventing Opus from updating /dopusdata\ConfigFiles\hotkeys.oxc

all files in "...AppData\Roaming\GPSoftware\Directory Opus\ConfigFiles" changes normaly and i have admin rights, but hotkeys.oxc doesn't updates...

hotkeys.oxc source looks like this:

copy filename
copy filename to clip

Clipboard COPYNAMES=nopaths

problem in 255,5!!??

copy filename copy filename to clip Clipboard COPYNAMES=nopaths

i change "255,5" to "alt+c" but nothing changes

why i can't paste full code in message body?

hotkeys-file body

Which keyboard language/locale is your machine set to?

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:slight_smile: english & use quick reply

Try editing the file to use alt+C with a capital C, and restart Opus. Does that work?

Can't think why it's not working via the customize window, though.

capital C doesn't works! it looks strange, when i delete "...\AppData\Roaming\GPSoftware\Directory Opus\ConfigFiles\hotkeys.oxc", but my Keys still looks like this picture

Can you check the exact keyboard layout language (see screenshot below)? The only time I can remember where something like this happened was because Opus got confused with certain keymaps, though that bug was fixed.

This is an answer!!! :slight_smile: when i set the default input language to english - everything goes right!!! but when it sets to "russian" - red item in key list appears!

thank you, Leo, for your help! what program you use to make your screenshots (on previous post) :slight_smile:))

I use WindowClippings to make screenshots.

You could report the keyboard issue to GPSoft but since there have been zero* sales to Russia I'm not sure it'll get a high priority. (* Edit: Apparently that's not true!)

zero sales?
i'm the FiRST :slight_smile:))))))))) thanx

Hi idiots - developers!

I have to ask me back my money for the program.