Windows 8: "create a shortcut to this layout" fails

Just got a new computer with 64-bit Win8 Pro. Starting to install software on it, and of course DOpus is one of the first things to install.

I tried to create desktop shortcuts for my lister layouts - first copying over from my old computer, later creating from the "create a shortcut to this layout" link in Settings > Lister Layouts. However, all of the shortcuts, even though they show the name of the lister layout, when double-clicked, all just show just the default Desktop layout.

Any help appreciated.

Thank you.

Which version of Opus are you using?

Here's what happens for me on Windows 8 x64 with Opus Pro

Using (4779) x64 under Win8. Tried "Run as Administrator" in case it was a problem with UAC - no luck, still does the same thing. The icon is also not the proper shortcut icon, as on my WinXP old desktop and my Win7 laptop. It looks like the main Directory Opus icon:

This is on an evaluation license until I can get something fixed with my license for three copies (my laptop seems to be using two licenses), or I switch entirely over to my new desktop from the old one, is there some crippleware issue here?

Don't use "run as administartor" on Opus, that will only make things worse.

I think what you've done is manually associate .dcf files with dopus.exe, which will result in what you're seeing. To correct that:

[ul][li]Right-click the .dcf file on the desktop.[/li]
[li]Choose Open With -> Choose default program...[/li]
[li]Make sure Keep this app for all .dcf files is checked.[/li]
[li]Choose Directory Opus Helper Application (not Directory Opus 10).[/li][/ul]

I think there's some confusion about the licences. Presumably you are seeing "Licences: 2" on the laptop. That means you have two licences in total, not that the machine is using two licences.

If you have already bought two licences, and assuming we are talking about Opus Pro and not Opus Light, then you are probably already covered for all three of your machines because Opus Pro gives you the right to use it on one personal laptop in addition to the main computers.

The box at the top of the Licence Manger window should summarise it like so: This certificate is valid for installation on up to 2 computers (plus one personal laptop for HOME/SOHO users only).

Thanks very much, you fixed both problems.

No idea why the file association for the .vcf files changed, I hadn't touched it. Oh, well, things happen.

Thanks again.