Windows crashed. Can I restore settings from program-files?

I recently adjusted DirectoryOpus on a lot of things and did not make a settings-backup. (Auto save feature?)
Now my Windows crashed on me. :frowning:

Is there a way to restore the Opus-settings from the ProgramFiles-Folder (or other?)?

Problem solved :slight_smile:

Found the original files in:
[Old drive]:\Users[user]\AppData\Local\GPSoftware\Directory Opus
[Old drive]:\Users[user]\AppData\roaming

So i just copied them over the current install and voila - back in business!

For future reference, there's a FAQ on this here: How to backup or locate your Opus configuration (Simple)

Yes, the topic 7412 didn't come up on searchresults with keyworlds like:

  • restore after crash
  • get settings back without backup
  • copy settings from old pc computer installation windows vista 7
  • preferences stored local old drive

Now it will :wink:

Don't forget the FAQ list if you can't find some info by searching. (Not that everything is in the FAQs, of course, but they're worth a quick browse if you get stuck.)