Windows Explorer for other users ... cannot return to it

I am very happy using Opus but my wife finds it far too complicated ... so after many months of trying to use Opus she wants to return to using explorer when she is logged on to the PC.

OK no problems ... Settings > Preferences > Misc > Don't Replace Explorer.

Simple .

BUT explorer is no longer working correctly in one important fashion.
'Tools > Folder Options > Open Each Folder in the Same Window' is being ignored by explorer.

Is there a setting changed by Opus that may effect this? As it is, Explorer creates so many windows that it is 'as bad as that Opus thing' and 'I had 'better fix it'

Any suggestions?

AFAIK - Opus has nothing to do with shell parameters like these used by Explorer.

It might be due to something going wrong with the Folder Open action in the registry.

Try the registry file in this post to see if that fixes it. I'm not sure though and Steje may be right or it might be some other setting in the registry.

I'd also try turning the option in Explorer off, closing the dialog, then turning it on again in case that fixes up the registry settings.