Windows is removing VBScript support

Windows is removing VBScript support from Windows in all future versions - Microsoft has officially deprecated the VBScript language from future Windows versions - Neowin

Will this impact scripting DOpus?

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MS will be deactivating VBScript by default - HOWEVER it is still available and can be ACTIVATED by users who want to continue using it. Not sure how long this interim situation will continue. I expect that even after MS removes the ability to reactivate it, there will be hacks to add VBScript back - at least for a while.

There are also rumours about Windows 12. I don't mind, Opus is always one Step ahead. :smile:

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Is it only VBScript? I couldn't care less, as long as JScript stays around! o) The article linked is not very detailed.
Or do they plan to deprecate the complete Windows Scriting Host? This would create problems for a lot of software suites I guess. I like "cscript.exe" and instant scripting.. o)

Yes, you also can do lot's of things with node.js these days as well, but it's not so lightweight and integrated, thinking of WMI and stuff. Powershell could have been a nice replacement, but it kinda sucks. The startup times for a simple 3 liner is a show stopper for many use cases (switching/automation etc.), to much of a delay before things get going. Not talking about arrays containing only 1 element being automatically reduced when returned from a method etc., what were they smoking? o)

You can work around some things, but that's what you end up with, always working around stupid language things, debugging is a pain as well. I'm not a fan, but it has it's niche, using .NET code and objects directly in the powershell script is quite nice for instance.