Windows logon

Hi there,
I have just migrated to Dir Opus 10. I have enjoyed Dir Opus for a number of years. I am using Win XP Pro with service pack 3 & all the latest updates.
My question is: As a Dir 9 user, I was able to logon to my desktop & have Opus remain in the background. The icon was visible in the task bar, but no lister opened on the desktop - this is how I wanted it!
Now with Dir 10, I have set the preferences the same as I had in Dir 9, or so I thought. Every time I or any other user logs onto their respective desktop, a lister is displayed.
I have checked the 'Don't open any listers' in the "Listers opened automatically when Directory Opus Starts", although a list ALWAYS opens.
Is there a setting I have overlooked somewhere?

Please respond

The window may not be coming from Opus itself.

If you set Preferences / Launching Opus / Explorer Replacement / Don't replace Explorer, then logout and back in, do you get an Explorer window appearing instead of an Opus window?

Thanks for you lightning fast reply! I set the preferences as you suggested. With the Explorer Replacement preference "Don't Replace Explorer" checked, I now get both Dir Opus and Windows Explorer!
What's the best way to COMPLETELY uninstall Dir Opus & perform a clean install. Do you think that may be the issue?

Just use the normal uninstaller, via control panel. It will wipe your config. (If you want to backup your config first, use Settings -> Backup & Restore before uninstalling. Of course, don't restore your config after re-installing until you have tested things with the default config.)

I doubt this is anything to do with Opus, though. Opus would not be causing a Windows Explorer window to open when you login, so something else must be behind it.

There may be a shortcut to a folder -- or to a file which no longer exists -- in your Start Menun - All Programs - Startup folder, or in the registry's "Run" area. A tool like AutoRuns can be used to check.

It may also be worth checking what the Opus start menu, Startup shortcut runs. It should look like the screenshot below. But even if that was wrong, I can't see any way for it to cause an Explorer window to open.

GREAT! I adjusted the command line in the target box as per your suggestion and all runs as it should. Excellent work. Thanks.

Hmm, that might happen if the startup shortcut was pointing to a different directory to where Opus is now installed, I guess.

Opus normally updates the shortcut itself if it is wrong, but if it was pointing to a completely different path then Opus may not have recognised it as the Opus shortcut, and would have left it alone.

Glad it's working now!