Windows package manager (winget) manifest

I'm about to submit manifest PR for DOpus for new Windows Package Manager which is currently in preview.

This will allow early adopters to install DOpus using simple Windows CLI command winget install dopus and later will be available to all Windows users out of the box.

I'd welcome input on package metadata, if they are okay this way or if something should be changed.

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Using for the URL would allow better regional / load balancing, but I don't know if winget needs a direct URL or if it can follow redirects, so I don't know if that would work or not.

What happens when a new installer replaces the old one and the Sha256 hash is no longer correct? Will that cause problems?

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It seems winget can follow redirects just fine.

When installer hash changes, user will be warned and prompted for explicit confirmation. It would certainly be better if there was a versioned URL.