Windows Photos viewer next picture list

When opening an image in Windows Photos viewer from within D. Opus, Photos doesn't know how to get to the next picture. Photos seems to be unaware of the folder's contents beyond the one picture it is displaying.

This does work when opening Windows Photos viewer from Windows Explorer, i..e, I can use arrow keys to advance to the next picture or go back, if I save an edited picture in the same folder, it knows to include it when navigating, etc.

Is there a way to enable this in D. Opus?

There are several threads about this already.

It is a limitation of the Windows Photos viewer. The same is true if you launch it via the command line or basically anything that isn't a File Explorer window or File Open dialog. It seems to use an undocumented API to suck the file list out of the Explorer window, and is incapable of building the file list itself.

Thanks, @Leo . it sound like you've already tried to fix this problem. I'm wondering, though - is there a way to fork an Explorer with an invisible window that would invoke Windows Photos viewer to get the desired effect?


Have you found any solution by any chance? It drives me crazy...

Only current solution is using another viewer that's capable of reading the directory itself.

Almost all viewers can do this, except the Windows Photos one (and one other Microsoft Store viewer that I know it).