Windows Quick Access no longer works under Win 11

The left sidebar used to contain Windows Quick Access under Win 11.
Some 2 weeks a ago it was gone.
This is my Windows version:
Microsoft Windows [Version 10.0.22621.819]
The problem was last discussed in Dec 2020 under a different Win version, this is why I create a new thread.
I have chosen Directory Opus as my default file manager. When I start MS explorer from the command line my Quick Access folders are still the same as when I last used them, it is just that Directory Opus does not show them. Since I have local files (Dragon Dictate hangs itself up when I use it on OneDrive) and files in the cloud such as OneDrive the Quick Access feature is vital to my workflow.

Has it been turned off under Preferences / Folder Tree / Contents?

Dear Leo,
Thanks a lot for your suggestion. It seems as if the Directory Opus interface had been slightly revamped. It turned out that the Preference/Folder Tree/Contents:Quick Access was indeed checked. All items that appear in MS Explorer under "Quick Access" did indeed come up, but just as nodes of "Home" not as subnodes of "Home"/"Quick Access" as I might have expected. It seems that I misunderstood.
Please regard the issue as solved.

Microsoft renamed Quick Access to "Home" in one of their Windows 11 updates, just to confuse everyone and invalidate all the instructions on the web as well as confuse the folder with about 10 other concepts. :slight_smile:

They will probably rename it to something else in a few months.

It's a bit like them renaming My Computer to Computer and then This PC, except 10x worse.

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500 BC, Heraklitos stated that you cannot take a bath in the same river twice. The same applies to a Windows computer after a reboot. I prefer Linux - fewer reboots and more consistency.

Dear Leo,
I did find what I regard a bug in Directory Opus.
Let's say I want to pin a directory to Quick Access in Opus. That's "Pin to Quick Access" in the R-click context menu. I can do this, but nothing happens. However, the same thing happens/does not happen when I try the same action in MS Explorer. If I drag the same folder to "Home"/"Quick access using 2 MS Explorer Windows, it stays there. And if I navigate to "Home" in Opus, the folder appears there as well. It is just the R-click context menu item that does not work.

So it's not working in File Explorer either?

The menu item is part of Windows, not Opus, and if it isn't working in File Explorer either then it's not a bug in Opus but something wrong with Windows.

On the Opus side, changes won't always be seen instantly. We refresh the Quick Access folder every 30 seconds or so (from memory; I may be wrong) to see if it has changed.

(If you don't need the items outside of Opus, using Opus's Favorites is much better than Quick Access, which is only really preferably for things you want to see outside of Opus as well.)

Dear Leo,
I agree that Opus is much better than the underlying OS. What regards the different favourites lists I tend to prefer the Windows Quick Access folder as this is what comes up when I fish for an email attachment from within an email program such as EM Client or when I try to save a file to a new place from within an application. But maybe you have a better suggestion regarding the handling of favourites.