Windows Quick Access vs DOpus Favorites

Hello to all,

What are the main differences between Windows Quick Access and DOpus Favorites?
And why/when should I use one or the other?

Sorry if the question was already asked somewhere (I did some research...).

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The main difference is:

  • Quick Access is part of Windows, and is a list of folders you can see not just in Opus but also in File Explorer and File Open dialogs and so on.

  • Opus Favorites are private to Opus, plus a few tools which know about Opus and specifically look for its favorites data to display them, like the ones discussed at the bottom of Can Opus replace the File Open/Save dialogs other programs use? ).

Favorites let you group/nest things while Quick Access is always just a flat list. You can also filter Favorites by those groupings, or by the drives they point to, and so on.

Another difference is there is a nicer (at least IMO) UI for editing Favorites.

But it pretty much comes down to the main two bullet points. If you only care about using the list inside Opus (or in conjunction with the other tools I mentioned), then Favorites is best. If you want to use the list in File Explorer, Quick Access is best.

I actually use a mixture of both. There are a few folders I use a lot from outside of Opus, so I put those into Quick Access, along with my drive roots because Microsoft made accessing those via the shell take too many clicks now. (And those are both things that I tend to have dedicated toolbar buttons or aliases for in Opus, since I use them so much, so I don't need them in Opus favorites.) For all the other folders I use occasionally but not that often, and where it's a pain to navigate to them manually, I use Favorites.

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Very clear answer Leo.
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