Windows right click menu winrar entteries as do buttons

i need the winrar entries as do buttons extract here so that the winrar password dialogue box opens and not the do one thanks same as windows right click menu winrar entteries

i still cant work this out some help would be nice

This may be what you want:

great that did what i needed thank you

Extracts files to current directory: script worked for me now is not letting me tick the box use same password for all archives
works fine outside opus posted here so would not get lost

What do you mean by "it's not letting you"? Is the checkbox there but disabled? Or not there at all? Does the window look like the one you used to see, or something else?

Are you doing the same thing as before or something different?

Have you updated WinRAR since things were working?

Iam doing the same thing
1: select 2 or more files with same password
2: click the dopus button Extracts files to current directory:
3: enter or select password
the box use for all archives is unclickable

I don't know how WinRAR or that option within WinRAR works exactly, but the commands in the thread run WinRAR once per archive, not on all archives at once.

Maybe WinRAR only enables the "use same password for all archives" checkbox when it is asked to extract multiple archives at once?

But it would have been the same when extracting using those commands before.

Are you sure you could use that checkbox before when doing exactly the same thing (not using the context menus or something else)?

yes i could trying to see if i can find the version of winrar i was running