Windows start menu items

I have an issue with opening any of my start menu items on the right hand side.
My computer, Devices and printers, music, pictures and even my name at the top. when you click on them they all state Explorer exe application not found.
The default is to open with opus but if I right click and choose the second open option in the drop down list then they work.

Seem Opus is causing the issue, please advise.


Try going to Settings, Preferences, Launching Opus, Explorer Replacement and turn off Explorer Replacement, apply that, then turn it back on and apply again.

Hi there thanks for the responce.
I did what you mentioned but after turning it back on the issue remained.
using windows 7 x64 and latest opus release.

I cant say I have noticed this before today so not sure when this error started. I guess I can live without that functionality of start menu.


Make sure you're not running Opus as administrator.

My UAC has always been turned off and admin turned off in prefs.

most strange in that case that it still occurs.

Here's a thread about a similar issue with several suggestions. The one on the second page was what worked in that case, but the others are also worth a try if that one doesn't solve it.