Windows taskbar

without abusing of the kindness of all of you , i wonder if there's a way to emule the windows taskbar in dopus ? to see what's open and what is not ?

It's not abuse - just a question - LOL. But I don't think you can actually have a 'windows taskbar' as an 'Opus toolbar' or anything like that if that's what you mean.

almost , yes. i've never liked windows desktop and for a long time i suppressed it, and reported everything on the windows taskbar. but now that i can report everythin (icons, programs to throw, shortcuts , desktop...) on dopus, i'd like to report also the open programs, as i see them on the windows taskbar, on dopus. with that, i could have dopus full screen and all the programs full screen ( i pass from one to the others with key stroke mouse gestures) but i'ts interresting also to see what's open under the window you're using, and that's the only thing that i don't know how to report on dopus.

clear or confuse ? i'm french and it's difficult to explain , but maybe you understand me ? i want to use all the programs fullscreen, cycle from on to the other with mouse gestures, but i need to know what' is open when i reach opus .

I think I understand - I just don't think you can do anything like this...