Windows Terminal instead of Windows Command Prompt Here

Is there any way to add an item or customize current entries to open Windows Terminal instead of Command Prompt Here and Command Prompt Here (Admin) under Tools in the existing folder ?

Did you search first? I'm fairly sure there are at least a couple of threads on this topic already.

I searched but did not find exactly what I am looking for. I searched for the word terminal and windows terminal and search results mostly had information on adding new buttons and such for accessing linux etc.

My requirement or first choice is to customize the Tools menu to add entries for Windows Terminal Here like there are currently available for Command Prompt Here.

What I found is following.

This looks like the best summary of commands to open various Windows Terminal types, which should all work in the Tools menu (as well as most other places in Opus):

Settings > Customize Toolbars > Double-click Lister Context Menu and right click to add or edit items

wt -d {sourcepath|noterm} cmd (Command Prompt)
wt -d {sourcepath|noterm} powershell (Windows Powershell)
wt -d {sourcepath|noterm} pwsh (Powershell 7)
wt -d {sourcepath|noterm} py (Python)

These as of today all work like a charm.

I think this has been mentionned elsewhere before if I recall.