Windows XP Power Icons

Attached is a small Opus 9 Icon set with the following icons (listed in the order they appear in the image below):

[ul][li] Restart[/li]
[li] Shutdown[/li]
[li] Hibernate[/li]
[li] Standby[/li]
[li] Log Off[/li][/ul]The icons come from Windows XP, except Hibernate which I created by simply coloring the Standby icon blue. I created this set, because not all of these icons are easy to get to from the operating system.

To add these icons to your Opus Configuration:

[ol][li] Download the attached file.[/li]
[li] Rename the file to WindowsPowerIcons.dis.[/li]
[li] In Opus, open Settings Menu - Preferences.[/li]
[li] In Preferences, goto Display - Toolbar Icons.[/li]
[li] Click on the Import button (disk with up arrow), or press +.[/li]
[li] Browse to and select the WindowsPowerIcons.dis file, and click Open.[/li][/ol]Once you have imported these icons, they become part of your Opus configuration. That means when you backup or restore your configuration, this icon set should remain a part of it. (15.4 KB)


Nice ! Thanks a lot ! :smiley: