WindowsXP runas /profile /user:<username> <password> mmc.msc

Hello All,

I have windows XP pro, and would like to launch the mmc.msc as administrator with a buton in dopus toolbar.
usualy, i do a right click on mmc.msc, then select "run as", and fill the fields with the administrator and password account.

I found a way to launch MMC.msc via the dopus button, with a bat file "runas /profile /user:MYDOMAIN\USER mmc.msc"
still there is a dos windows that asks me for my password, and actually, the windows runas command doesn't support password in command like (and GPO doesn't allows to store credentials"

So is there a simple way with dopus to launch this mmc without having to password to be requested?

Anyhelp welcome, i have dozens of apps to launch as admin and I am tired typing that password all the day, I'm sure Dopus can provide help with this task, but how?

I searched the forum for some time, but saw nothing helping regarding windows XP.

PS: I have a solution with autoIT, but well, I want it in dopus;)

Try something like this:

ContextMenu VERB=runas FILE="C:\Windows\System32\mmc.exe"

(That's for mmc.exe, not sure what the exact path to mmc.msc is as there isn't one on my system.)

On XP that should prompt you for credentials, the same as if you used the right-click option.

(In Vista and above, it'll run the command via UAC, although there are better ways to do that in Opus, i.e. using @admin, but that doesn't apply to XP.)

Oh, that may still request the password.

To not request the password you'll probably need to use a tool that allows you to run things as another user and pass the password on the command-line. Maybe the sysinternals proc-tools let you do that.

Thanks Leo for pointing me to the right tool I managed to accomplish this with sysinternal pstools (wasn't aware of those tools)

something like psexec \computerhostname -u my_admin_account -p my_password mmc works well

A big thank for your help.