Wish for more Chinese Pinyin support in DO's QUICKFILTER

Appreciating your great work,that is great news where DO QUICKFILTER has the Pinyin support from now on.
How I wish it would became more perfect in the near future. If only it can continue to support Chinese polyphonic because the same Chinese character may have different Pinyins because of different sounds.
It would be even better that DO users can have the power and API to write plug-ins for QUICKFILTER like what DO's language packs do.

Where can we find more details or algorithms and character tables for this?

It is a little pity that I have no idea for the momment to get the table although many Chinese Softwares have maden it long ago.

But I think you can also provide the API of the quickfilter for users who can write plug-ins, to make English characters could match more other language characters just like what quickfilter's case insensitive feature does.

Plug-ins can change the way how English characters match English characters or another language characters just like what quickfilter's case insensitive feature does.

Wish for adding the Quickfilter Plugin Block in this DO resource website.

If someone's willing to write the code for a hypothetical plugin, then they could send the code to us and we can include it (assuming it's suitable).

We haven't had any requests for anything similar for other languages, so a new type of plugin API probably doesn't make sense (and very few people are interested in writing plugins, unfortunately).

I find it now from myfriend. Just take a look at it where the source code have been uploaded which can support various kinds of programing language and maden things easily.

Wish you could have time to do the rest and perfect it with the libray provided as many softwares have use it to achieve complete pinyin support easily.

That's in javascript and has nothing explaining what it really does in English, so we can't really use or understand it.

Oh,I understand it. And this is probably what you are finding which is amost in c++ and totally English.



Smart pinyin IM engine for SCIM platform. Contribute to scim-im/scim-pinyin development by creating an account on GitHub.

Expect for your good news with the right thing provided and the improment on pinyin quickselect and quickfilter in the near future.

This is the entirety of the README, last updated 12 years ago, for that project:

Hot keys:

Control+space:  open/close the input method.
Shift+space:    switch between full/half width letter mode.
Control+comma:  switch between full/half width punctuation mode.
Control+slash:  switch between Simplified/Traditional Chinese mode.
Alt+Shift:      switch between English/Chinese mode.
Ctrl-D:         disable a phrase (Use up/down arrow keys to select it first).
Esc:            reset the input method.

That doesn't even tell us what it does or how it differs from our existing Pinyin support.

I'm locking this thread as it's a waste of your time and ours to post random code you found on the web that has no information about what it does or how it works.