[WISH] Portable file types icons

Looked in the manual. can't find a way to sit portable file types icons, I'm I missing something?
Would be shocking If this feature doesn't exist in such a great (if not the best) file manager.

Opus already lets you keep 'custom' icons you may have configured Opus to use in it's interface, but file type icons are system derived... so those aren't exported.

Not to say Opus couldn't provide some file type icon override that only IT uses (rather than strictly pull only from the system registered icons), but it currently does not offer an optio to do this.

Have been using DO for a couple of weeks, impressive, but not very portable-friendly, specially file type icons feature.
There are many situations where portability is the only way to go, think of schools, solid states-machines, more than one machine etc.
Many file managers that are not even close to DO have this, please consider adding it ASAP :slight_smile: