Wishlist - Lister (dual) - stretching / shrinking

In dual-lister mode, I frequently need to stretch just one side (or just the top or bottom). Is there a way to do that?

My instinct is to drag the right or left side of the app itself (or top and bottom in dual-vertical mode), but although this does a nice job of scaling both panes proportionately, I then have to target the central splitter and adjust it to get the asymmetrical display I need to use.

Is there, or could there be, a SHIFT or ALT or CTRL drag of an app edge that would stretch ONLY the pane on that side of the app? The pane on the other side (or top or bottom) would remain unchanged, and a lop-sided expansion, of just the one pane adjacent to the edge being dragged, would result.

I would use this convenience quite a lot.

Thanks in advance,


Maybe Set Listersize can do this. You could set up a button to toggle between two ore more sizes.
Set Listerpos could also be useful.


Thanks, abr. I've considered that, but there are a lot of different situations where I prefer to respond to individually, many of which are pretty arbitrary (e.g., adjusting lists of filenames or paths so they don't get cut off, but don't get too long).

I can have various column max widths in preset lister setups, too, but I'm hoping there might be a possibility for a feature. Dragging the window border is of course a system function, but it's detectable, so one could check for a modifier key-down, etc., etc. I think it would make a nice usability upgrade for the dual lister modes.

Not that there's any shortage of features in DOpus, of course!

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In fact, I was using some app recently that surprised me. With two panes showing, if you drag the right app border, the right pane stretches, and if you drag the left border, the left pane stretches.

That would make an even better arrangement for DOpus. No modifier keys required. Drag any side, and the nearer pane stretches. And maybe use the corners for the current proportional stretching.

But I suppose people would prefer edge dragging to be proportional, which is more standard.

So a Preference could be added to select my requested aberrant app resize behaviors.