WMV Framerate reading

Here is mine original question on GitHub - WMV after cut, odd Framerate values reported · mifi/lossless-cut · Discussion #1588 · GitHub
I'm not blaming DO or other app, simply would like to ask maybe if someone has clue why DO library could report such framerates, once file got split in pieces.

I'm suspecting this happens because codec description is slightly changed after files is processed.

Is there a small sample file we can test with?


sample-cut-with-AsfBin.asf - has proper framerate display, same as huge source file,
sample-cut-with-LosslessCut.asf - this one, had odd values in framerate field.

Thanks! I've checked and they will display proper framerates once we switch movie metadata to MediaInfo.

I'm not sure why the Windows Media API is returning the wrong framerate, but I suspect File Explorer has a check for invalid values returned by the API that makes it blank the field instead of displaying the value.

My guess is that the cut file has some fields in it which haven't been updated to reflect the shorter length, or maybe a header or metadata that's missing entirely, causing the Windows Media API to miscalculate things. MediaInfo appears to do the calculation in a more robust way.

Thanks for info, meaning this doesn't affect much.
Now I can process files with mentioned app, without worrying that output data will be irreversible affected.