Word and Excel icons not displaying properly in lister

Looked through FAQ and could not find a solution! Sorry! I'm running Opus 12 v12.20, Windows 10 and the lister seems to grab all the right icons other than .xlsx and .docx. In Windows Explorer, the file icons do display properly. Currently for those these file types the lister displays them as text files.

Try clearing the icon cache: Clear Icon Cache

If that doesn't solve it, could you post a screenshot so we can see exactly what's happening?

Ho Hum Leo ... seems like that didn't work. I ran the EXE from the lister and nothing seemed to happen.
Here's a screen shot of one of my directories:

Notice that the DOC has the right icon but not the DOCX!

It is strange that doc works but not docx.

Have you tried repairing the Word/Office/etc. installation? That will often fix registry issues which might be behind things.

Hi Leo:

That worked! I ran the repair on the MS Office Suite and the icons within the lister now display properly. Thank you very much!


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