Word doc not showing In the file preview pane

Please see the attached video:

Do you get a preview for the .docx file? If so, and the .doc file is from a very old version of Word, I believe the Word preview handler won't display some older files for security reasons. Loading and re-saving the file should fix the preview, if that is what's happening.

If you don't get previews for any Word files in Opus, are they working in File Explorer's viewer? If not, the Office/Word preview handler may need repairing. Re-running the Office installer and choosing the repair option will often fix that.

Thank you for the reply, I don't get a preview for the .docx either, I have word 2003 installed, not sure that makes a difference, because I can actually open both .doc and .docx files with my copy of Microsoft Word.

Also, not sure that this makes any difference, but I have a copy of X1 (the indexing tool), which has a preview feature, and Word documents of every type show up perfectly there. That would tell me that the preview handler is probably working fine if in fact they are also using the same method you are.

Office 2007 was the first version to include preview handlers. Office 2003 does not provide any viewers at all.

I think X1 uses the "Outside In" viewers, which are a different type of viewer made by a third party. You can get a version of those viewers which works as a preview handler by buying QuickViewPlus, but it is quite expensive these days, possibly more so than updating Office itself. (On the other hand, it includes preview handlers for a lot of different file formats.) (Later update: QVP reportedly no longer works as a preview handler in File Explorer or Opus. The MultiView plugin is an alternative to this and Office, although it has its own complications as well in terms of licencing. See the separate threads in the Plugins area on both for more detail.)

Opus will use preview handlers, which are the same type of viewer which File Explorer and Microsoft Outlook use. Office 2007 and above include that type of viewer, and should work in Opus if installed. (Opus also supports some other viewer types, but preview handlers are the kind that are used for Office documents these days.)

We do have a legacy option to use the Office apps themselves (as opposed to dedicated viewer components) to view files, but we don't really recommend it as it doesn't work as well as preview handlers. If you want to try it, you can enable it as follows:

  • Go to Preferences / Viewer / Plugins and configure the ActiveX + Preview + Office + Web plugin:

  • From there, turn on the Microsoft Office (legacy) option, which is off by default, then click OK.

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That worked!! Thanks!!