Write tags to *.flac-files not working

Writing Flags to Flac-Files doesn't work. Tags I've written with v12 are shown in Metapane and Columns but they can't be edited. After saving all entries are gone.

With files that have embedded images (applied with Mp3Tag) it's miraculous. When I write a new tag to such a file the tag disappears but the entries for artist and genre appears several times. Removing the image doesn't change this issue. I tested this with a virgin Opus 13.

I appended two small files. I converted the Opus-sound "Don't Touch.wav" to flac with Aimp (libFLAC.dll) and applied and removed an image with Mp3Tag to reproduce the strange behavior.
The Zip-file contains a version without Image applied/removed which will only not allow to write tags. The second version shows the multiple-artist-and-genre behavior after writing a tag.

FlacFiles.zip (131.3 KB)

Trying to add something to Tags makes some other fields repeat their contents. Odd!

I now tried to write a tag to an APE-file which causes a crash. I mailed the crashdumps to crashdumps@gpsoft.com.au

Very Strange !
I see this here.

Maybe I have some settings incorrect ?

@lxp: that's exactly what I see here with flac-files that have (or had in this case) embedded coverart images. Thanks for testing.
This may be an issue with Mp3Tag that applied and removed the image but I see no other issues with these files. Opus shows the images fine in Viewpane and Viewer. Would be nice if Opus itself could apply coverart to flac and ape=>feature request

Now I see it.
Editing it a little caused this.

Would it be possible to share an example APE file that has the problem, and details of which tag to change to what?

The DMP tells us it's a bug in the ID3v2 library we use, but I haven't been able to reproduce it with my own files or pin down exactly where the code is wrong.

The issue with FLAC files seems to be Windows bug, as it's being done through the OS.

You can see the same thing happen if you make the same edit via the Properties dialog (in Opus or File Explorer).

From a quick search, Windows seems to have a lot of bugs with FLAC metadata. :frowning:

We'll make a change so those properties are set via a different method when it's a FLAC file.


Here's an example of an APE-file causing a crash here. I re-converted the file (Ape to Ape) with Aimp and the resulting file doesn't make any problems. The attached file seems to be broken somehow. I can't write any metadata to it without causing a crash.
I thought this issue could be
Ape.zip (991.2 KB)
related to the FLAC-issue but it's definitely not.

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Thanks! I can reproduce the crash with that. We'll get it fixed.

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APE issue is fixed in 13.0.41. Thanks again!

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Writing tags to FLAC and Metadata to my APE-files is now working fine. Many thanks for the quick fixes.

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