XED9-NANO THEME Icon Set 7.92t8z

XED9-NANO THEME Icon Set 7.92t8z - More than 60 Random icons


The "XED9-NANO THEME Icon Set 7.92t8z"
This is a tiny icon set which is designed primarily for the file display toolbars. The icons are 16x16 but use some extra padding (20x16) spacing them out a little further horizontally so they aren't slamming into each other. For 16x16 icons I do prefer flatter color schemes. I added a few extra buttons to my file display toolbar that change folder formats (this is the ideal place for folder format buttons).

Also attached is a useful Directorize button that does 3 things:

  1. Create a folder
  2. Throw selected files and folders into a new folder (prompts for new folder name)
  3. Moves selected files and folders into a new folder in the destination (prompts for new folder name)

Download the Icon set here:
nano.dis (24.3 KB)

Open "prefs > toolbars > icons" and import the dis file.

Download the Directorize button here:
Directorize.dcf (1.7 KB)

Drag the dcf file to your toolbar in customize mode.


Curious how you establish and track your version numbers.

I use a custom variation of Semantic Versioning.

Icons look amazing! Thank you!