"<?xml" not found - can't use Tera Copy with toolbar button


I just add the here posted XML code to use Tery copy as default handler for copy&paste.

Now when I press the default Dopus copy or move button I get a popu error message that says:

"<?xml" was not found. Please make shure that the name was correct and try again. (I have a german OS)

The path to Tera Copy was right and the pasted code is the same as tera Copy shows in the tuto.

Also I have registered over the reg.key that tera copy is the default handler.

What could be the Problem.

Best regards.


Read the faq: [How to use buttons and scripts from this forum)

Hello Jon,

I know this post but it doesnt matter if you make a new button or modify the existing Copy or Move button.

I get allways the hint that the xml stuff doesnt found.

May it´´s better to go back to default values... do you know the Syntx to move file or folders?

I can only see the "Copy" Syntax

May somebody knows another way to use tera copy as default in dopus even when I use the toolbar buttons.

Thanks and best regards.


You may know the post, but you haven't read the post :slight_smile:

You don't paste the XML into the button editor. You paste it directly on to the toolbar, as shown in the post Jon linked.

The XML represents an entire button (including the icon and other settings), not just the command the button runs.

Hello Jon,

surely I read the post... but it seems I did´´nt understand it :unamused: :laughing:

Thank you leo... now it works fine :wink: